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We have extensive experience in both bringing Appeals and responding to Appeals in the Superior Court, Divisional Court & Court of Appeal for Ontario.

Contract Disputes

We help you resolve your personal and business contractual disputes like real property, purchases of inventory etc in a cost and time effective manner.

Defamation & Media

If someone has said (slander) or written/broadcast (libel) an opinion, our focus is to work quickly to minimize risk. If necessary, we will work to start a lawsuit.

Employment Litigation Law

We both employees and businesses in employment disputes as we understand the perspectives and priorities of parties on both sides of the employment relationship.

Franchise Law

We have comprehensive experience with purchasing a franchise and the potential legal implications that should be considered before buying a franchise.

We conduct many types of investigations and provide a legal analysis to help you determine & mitigate any civil liability. 

We represent clients in diverse fields in regulatory, civil and quasi-criminal matters. We defend and assist before disciplinary and regulatory tribunals

Real Property Disputes

We have in-depth expertise in real estate litigation. Disputes involving real estate may take many forms, such as a misrepresentations, property damage and more


Trials can be very stressful, time consuming and expensive. We keep our clients informed every step of the way and make it a priority to keep costs down.

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